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Conference and Capital Expense Reminders and Updates

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Dear Clubs and Organizations,

On behalf of Student Government Association welcome back to another great year! Student Government Association is starting the process of accepting applications for Fall 2021 conferences. Conference Presentations this semester are going to take place on 10/12/2021 and 10/26/2021. We are also starting to accept Capital Expense requests for the year. For more information on Capital Expense requests visit

To stay in line with Southern New Hampshire University’s Return-to-On-Site Work and Operation plan we have had to make a few adjustments to our policies regarding Conferences. These adjustments can be found below. Please take the time before submitting your Presentation to SGA and Michelle to review both the SGA Policies and these adjustments. The SGA policies can be found at

SNHU Return-to-On-Site Work and Operation Plan Adjustments:

Overnight Trips, Including Conferences

  • Per the Return-to-On-Site Work and Operational Plan: Vaccinated students and staff can return to regional travel for club or involvement-related activities or required course outcomes. Courses that require travel will be required to follow SNHU’s current travel guidelines.

  • We are currently accepting requests for overnight trips and conferences to occur after 11/1.

  • If you are hoping to attend a regional overnight conference this fall (after 11/1), you are welcome to begin the process of applying for funding with the Office of Student Involvement and Student Government Association. Information is available in Module 4 of the UC Clubs and Organizations Brightspace Training. No travel arrangements or financial commitments will be made prior to access to the funds being distributed. All requests must go through the Office of Student Involvement Trip process before submitting the request to SGA.

  • All trip planning procedures (located in Brightspace Module 4) and approvals must be followed and require six weeks minimum for planning. Typically, eight weeks are required, but we are utilizing six weeks this fall.

  • Temporary change in occupancy: Hotel rooms are 2 students/room – must ensure that all students are comfortable sharing beds and sharing rooms with other students.

  • As always, chaperones will have a separate room from students and are not permitted to have guests on overnight trips. You must have a confirmed chaperone prior to submitting the trip request.

We look forward to receiving your requests and being able to support your club or organization this year! If you have any questions please reach out to us at or Michelle in OSI at

With Penmen Pride,

-Stephanie Matte

Southern New Hampshire University Class of 2023

Business Administration B.S. Major

Student Government Association | Vice President of Budget and Finance

Student Government Email:

Student Government Phone: 603-645-9694


-Ryan Barrett

Southern New Hampshire University Class of 2022

Computer Information Technology B.S. Major

Student Government Association | President

Penmen Press | Online Manager

Notary Public | State of New Hampshire

Student Government Email:

Student Government Phone: 603-645-9694


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