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SGA End of Year Report 2021

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

From the Desk of Ryan Barrett (Student Government Association President)

Note from the President: Ryan Barrett:

Dear SNHU Students, Administration, Faculty, Staff, and Families,

I cannot believe that it is already the end of this very challenging and different school year. Through it all, Student Government Association was able to still work together virtually in combination with other clubs to put on events and make a difference in the SNHU Community. Included in this report are some highlights from this academic year. SGA looks forward to working hard next year to continue our mission in person (hopefully) on campus. As always I welcome the SNHU Community's feedback on any of this information presented below. Please email with any questions or concerns that you might have.

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Our Senate virtually met a total of seventeen times this past year. SGA live streamed semester one's meetings to Facebook Live but due to low attendance on the live stream, we discontinued the live stream and began posting our meeting minutes instead to our website. They can be found here:

At our Senate Meetings this year we approved $2,299.99 for Co-Sponsorships and $3,300.78 for Virtual Conferences. Please see the Budget and Finance Section or External Affairs Section for more details on Conferences and Co-Sponsorships.

This year Student Government Association also continued on with the tradition of presenting our two annual awards to two Senators.

Senator of the Year: Sam Caswell

Rising Star: Cam Moquin

This year our Senate and Executive Board ended the year with 15 members. In the table below you will find their Position, Name, and total votes in the Spring 2021 Election.


Budget and Finance Committee:

This year the Budget and Finance Committee met a total of 8 times virtually. The Budget and Finance Committee approved the following Conferences and sent them to Senate for Ratification. Due to COVID-19, there were no Additional Allocation Requests or Capital Expense Requests.

  • Inter-Greek Council ($594.00)

  • American Marketing Association ($290.00)

  • Psychology Student Association ($290.00)

  • Sports Management Club ($1001.78)

  • National Association for Music Education SNHU Chapter ($150.00)

  • DECA ($250.00)

  • Theta Phi Alpha ($725.00)


Marketing and Publicity Committee:

This year our Marketing and Publicity Committee was able to continue to promote SGA and other Student Groups on Social Media.

In addition to Social Media, this committee worked hard on our Elections and Penmen Pride Program. Due to COVID-19, the Penmen Pride Program did not run in the Fall.

However, it did run this Spring. Below are some of the major details from this Spring.

  • Top Point Earners Spring 2021

    • First Place: Ashley Ginnetty

    • Second Place: Sara Torrice

    • Third Place: Emma Gaudet

  • Total Penmen Pride Events: 40

  • Total Participants: 89

Student Government Association will continue to run this program next fall. If your club, organization, or department would like to participate in this program, please reach out to our Vice President of Marketing and Publicity Andrew Chace (


External Affairs Committee:

This year the External Affairs Committee met a total of 12 times virtually. This committee was able to partner with CAPE co-host the largest Big Money Bingo this school year. The prizes were completely funded by SGA.

Also, SGA was able to host our first ever Virtual Global Days of Service Trivia Night! It was a well-attended event and was presented by the Seacoast Science Center. The top three participants won an admission pass to the Seacoast Science Center. These passes were donated by the center.

In addition to the major events, this committee hosted. They heard and approved the following Co-Sponsorships. These Co-Sponsorships were sent to the Senate for ratification.

  • SNHU - Learning Center | Microsoft Teams Initiative ($500.00)

  • SNHU - Office of Student Involvement | Late Night Breakfast ($500.00)

  • SNHU - Office of Student Involvement | Microsoft Teams Initiative ($500.00)

  • SNHU - Office of Student Affairs & CAREteam | Health Snack Stations ($499.99)

  • Coordinators of Activities Programming and Events | Virtual Paint Night ($300.00)


Student Advocacy Committee:

The Student Advocacy Committee met a total of 12 times virtually during the school year. This committee was able to host a new program called Community Conversations. This event was held four times on Microsoft Teams. Each meeting had a different theme. The Student Advocacy Committee hopes to continue this program in person next fall. These events will have new themes next semester. For more information please email Shubham Oza (

In addition to their new Community Conversations program, Student Advocacy received nine suggestions or concerns. These suggestions or concerns were on the topics of Commencement and the Academic Calendar. The committee was able to present these suggestions and concerns to the administration and was able to respond to students individually.


Policy and Procedure Committee:

This year the Policy and Procedure met a total of 3 times virtually this year. During these meetings, they amended or created the following articles in our Constitution. They then sent them to the Senate for ratification. Senate did vote to approve all of the following articles. You can read our constitution here (click here).

  • Section 4 Article A:4:1:A

  • Section 4 Article A:5:3

  • Section 4 Article A:5:5

  • Section 4 Article B:5

  • Section 4 Article B:7:1:B

  • Section 4 Article B:7:1:C:1

  • Section 4 Article B:7:1:J

  • Section 4 Article B:7:1:K

  • Section 4 Article B:7:2:H

  • Section 4 Article B:7:2:K

  • Section 4 Article B:7:4:D

  • Section 4 Article B:7:5:A

  • Section 4 Article B:7:5:B

  • Section 4 Article B:7:5:C

  • Section 5 Article C:3

  • Section 6 Article E:4:1

  • Section 6 Article E:4

  • Section 6 Article H

  • Section 7 Article G

  • Section 7 Article H

  • Section 7 Article I

  • Section 7 Article J

  • Section 7 Article K


In Closing

On behalf of the SNHU Student Government Association, I hope you all have a very safe, healthy, and relaxing Summer Break. Student Government is and will always be the Voice of the Student Body! #There4SNHU #SNHUstrong #SNHUproud

With Penmen Pride,

-Ryan Barrett

Student Government Association | President


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