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Budget & Finance

Paige McNamara


     Student Government Association 

Isabella Dasilva

Vice President of Finance

Tanya Annis

     Business Analyst

     Office of Student Involvement



Each year the Southern New Hampshire University Student Government Association manages over one million dollars in Student Activity Fee funds collected each semester from undergraduate students at Southern New Hampshire University. Operating as an independent 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, the Student Government Association distributes these funds to over 60 student-run clubs and organizatons on campus. These funds can be used for general funding, special events, conferences, and off-campus trips. A portion of these funds is also disbursed to support the Robert A. Freese Student Center, its employees, and its services.


The mission of the Student Government Association Budget and Finance Committee is to provide clubs and organizations across the Southern New Hampshire University community with the tools and resources necessary to allow them to flourish.


The Budget and Finance Committee hears three different types of request from clubs and organizations:

  1. Additional Allocation Requests: An additional allocation is a way for clubs to increase their club budgets, which will provide opportunities for clubs to offer more events and programs, as well as boost member development and retention for their own organizations.

  2. Conference Funds Requests: A conference request gives clubs the ability to attend a conference to network, gain professional experiences, and bring valuable information back to campus.

  3. Capital Funds Requests: A capital request is utilized when clubs need expensive items that will last for multiple years. 


Please note:

  • All presentations before the Budget and Finance Committee are business professional.

  • The required materials for each request presentation are listed on their respective forms to the left of this page.

  • Requests are not guarantees for funding. The Budget and Finance Committee works with limited amounts of money and fulfills club requests based on a first-come, first-served basis.


Would you like to request funding from the Budget and Finance Committee?

Please review the deadlines document on the left for a

calendar of Budget and Finance Committee meeting dates

and deadlines to submit requests and materials.


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