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The Student Government Association is here for students like YOU!

The Student Government Association is a student-run organization whose sole purpose is to make decisions and speak up in the best interest of the students of Southern New Hampshire University. Without students, our organization would not exist! Our members take the suggestions, comments, and concerns that are voiced by students like you and make appropriate changes to our campus whenever possible. Whether it is an alteration of judicial policies, an improvement in a residence hall, or providing more environmentally-friendly takeout options in the Dining Center - all of the changes we have made have been based on what students have spoken up about. Make your voice heard today by leaving us a suggestion, or join our ranks and implement the changes you want to see!


There are three governing boards here at Southern New Hampshire University: the Student Government Association, the Inter-Greek Council, and the Coordinators of Activities and Programming of Events.

These three groups work with all other clubs and organizations on campus in order to enrich the students' college experience. Each group has its own specialty, ranging from financial assistance for all campus clubs to hosting the biggest concert of the year. The Student Government Association specifically works with the New Club Recognition Committee, the Student Activity Fee Committee, and the Campus Programmers Committee (to name only a few!) in order to stay in touch with Southern New Hampshire University's students, clubs, and events throughout campus.


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