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Creating campus spirit while increasing attendance at campus events.
Attend Events.
Earn Points.
Win Prizes.


The Penmen Pride Program


The Penmen Pride program is an initiative that has SNHU students enthusiastic about participating in events and programs around campus. This program enhances school spirit within our student body by implementing incentives for students to attend events. By having your event be a Penmen Pride event, you can look forward to students showing up excited to attend. Penmen Pride is just one of the ways that the Student Government Association builds student community spirit by creating a common goal among all SNHU students - to earn points, and win prizes!  


So, how do you earn points? It's easy! Just show up to an event listed here (in addition to looking out for our Penmen Pride logo on event flyers) and swipe your SNHU Student ID at the Penmen Pride table. We'll keep track of your points and notify you when it's time to cash them in, and collect your prize!


The Three Tier Prize System for Prizes:

There are three tiers that are determined by specific ranks. At the end of each semester we will add up all the points that each student has earned and giveaway different prizes depending on which tier a student falls into. Tier 1 includes the top 5 point earners,  Tier 2 includes the top 25 point earners, and Tier 3 includes all the top 250 point earners.

Double Points Week

Each semester will have two specific weeks where the points are worth twice as much as they typically would (i.e, look out for 2, 4, and 6 point events). This is an effective way to increase attendance at events that traditionally don’t have the largest attendance. Students get excited about Double Points Week and will look forward to it each semester. Double point’s week has the potential to become a tradition itself.


Tiers and Prizes:
Fall Semester

Coming Soon !!!


For more information, contact Connor Goettel,
SGA Vice President of Marketing and Publicity at
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