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Welcome Back Updates

Dear Club and Organizations,

On behalf of Student Government Association (SGA), welcome back! We want to provide a few updates from SGA as we get ready for the upcoming year. We are looking forward to a great year as we continue to move back toward a “normal” academic year!

Budget Updates

We want to inform you of a 5% budget reduction to all club budgets over $1,600 that will take effect July 1, 2022. As a result of additional programs, we’ve implemented and an increase in club budgets, paired with a decrease in overall student activity fees from a reduction in enrollment, we are now unable to accommodate past funding. Lowering budgets allows us to continue providing opportunities to the SNHU community in a more financially responsible and secure way. Our goal is to reduce the funding in a way that does not majorly impact clubs; since most clubs with budgets over $1,600 do not spend their full budgets, we feel this change will help us accomplish our goal.

In the event that your club or organization comes close to running out of funding, you will be able to request an additional allocation. More information about additional allocations can be found by visiting Remember this is simply a request, not a guarantee of funding, as you must be utilizing your club budget in a fiscally responsible way as per the Budget and Finance Policies. Your club will receive an email from Tarnya Carrier with your official club budget once we get closer to the start of the academic year.


Budget and Finance

  • When can I submit a request to present in front of budget and finance for fall 2022 and spring 2023 conferences, capital expenses, and additional allocations?

    • We will begin accepting these requests at the end of August!

    • More information about these can be found by visiting

  • What are the different budget requests I can submit to the Budget and Finance Committee?

    • Additional Allocation Requests: An additional allocation is a way for clubs to increase their club budgets, which will provide opportunities for clubs to offer more events and programs, as well as boost member development and retention for their own organizations.

    • Conference Funds Requests: A conference request gives clubs the ability to attend a conference to network, gain professional experiences, and bring valuable information back to campus.

    • Capital Funds Requests: A capital request is utilized when clubs need expensive items that will last for multiple years.

Penmen Pride Program

  • What is Penmen Pride?

    • Penmen Pride is a rewards program for students that go to events, earn points, and win prizes.

  • What events can qualify to be Penmen Pride events?

    • Any campus event that is free and open for all students to attend is eligible to be a Penmen Pride event.

  • How do I register my event to be a Penmen Pride event?

  • SGA is happy to announce that we will be bringing back Double Points week as part of Penmen Pride! Double points week is exactly as it sounds- all events are worth double the points! Be sure to keep an eye out for when double points week will be! In a separate newsletter coming soon!

SGA Quick Links

On Tuesday, September 20 from 5:30-sunset, join SGA on the New Castle Green Space for the SGA Sunset Social! There will be food, lawn games, and live music, and we’ll end the night by watching the sunset! Be sure to bring a blanket and we hope to see you there!

We look forward to receiving your requests and being able to support your club and organization this year! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

With Penmen Pride,

Stephanie Matte

Student Government Association | President

Student Government Association Email:

Student Government Association Phone: 603-645-9694


Ryan Barrett, BS.IT

Student Government Association | Executive Vice President of Internal Affairs

Student Government Association Email:

Student Government Association Phone: 603-645-9694


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